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May 20, 2018

Larry and Susan were enjoying a lovely lunch.  Susan was impressed.  It was their first date, and they were exchanging witty banter laced with “getting to know you” questions and having a great time.  However, the conversation took on another flavor when Susan mentioned that she was a born again Christian who didn’t believe in premarital sex.

Larry, who had been obviously enchanted up to this point stopped smiling and began to interrogate Susan as if she were on trial.  He questioned her intensely on the validity of her principles and the basis for her beliefs.  When he finished, Susan asserted her position even stronger, as Larry sat staring at her.

Then suddenly, he excused himself and disappeared.  Susan sat there for one hour in stunned disbelief waiting on him to return.  At first, she thought perhaps he’d become ill in the men’s room.  But after she sent a waiter in to check on him, and he couldn’t be found, the truth sunk in.  She paid the check and vowed silently to never again have such a conversation before the bill was paid.

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