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The Dating Chronicles

The Dinner


December 19, 2018

Kay was suspicious.  She knew her best friend Ellen was up to her old tricks again, and she wasn’t about to fall for it.  Ellen had been lobbying for Kay to pay attention to her brother Ed the last four years.  He had always liked her, but Ed was just not her type.  Though she was tired of being alone, she wasn’t desperate.

Ellen, who loved to cook, hadn’t cooked dinner for friends and family since her divorce two years ago.  Though she was glad to see Ellen on the road to healing (having a new man in her life helped) she wasn’t ready to be bored out of her mind sitting next to skinny Ed with braces on his teeth.  Ed was not only very unattractive, but boring as well.

As she began to dress, she reached for her sexy black dress and abruptly changed her mind.  She decided she didn’t want to waste her best outfit on Ed.     As she pulled on a shapeless red dress, she wondered if he had become as successful as Ellen claimed.

When she walked into Ellen’s apartment that evening and saw the old familiar faces, she cringed.  She was glad she arranged for her friend Sandy to meet her later so they could hit the clubs. Well, this won’t take long, she said to herself as she began to mingle politely. She had already thought of an excuse to leave early.

Minutes later, a hand gently touched her shoulder from behind, and she turned with a plastered smile that changed abruptly into a gape-mouthed grin.  It was Ed, and he was no longer skinny, and the braces were gone.  His muscles rippled slightly under his jacket, and his teeth were beautiful.

“Hey girl,” he grinned, as he towered above her.  “I see you’re still fine. Whatcha’ been up to?”

Kay was speechless.  Ed was no longer the thin scrap of a man she remembered.  He had obviously gotten into body-building, and was now gorgeous.   He also seemed more self-assured.  By the time Kay found her voice, Ellen was calling everyone to be seated.

She giggled to herself at her sudden eagerness to sit next to Ed.  She decided to call Sandy to cancel the meet before she sat down.  She wasn’t about to leave now.  She pressed Ed’s hand, looked seductively into his eyes, and told him she’d be right back.

When she returned to the table, Ed was seated next to a very pretty stranger, and Kay was seated next to Ellen’s elderly uncle, who always flirted with her.

She was disappointed, but not deterred.  There would be time after dinner to get re-acquainted with Ed..  However, when Ellen introduced the woman next to Ed as his fiancée, Kay’s face almost fell in her soup.

“Don’t worry, Kay, you’ve got me now.”  Ellen’s uncle said, as he gave her a toothless grin.  “Good things always come to those who wait.”


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