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The Introduction

April 29, 2018

Tracy had gone to Karen’s party reluctantly, because she didn’t view Karen as an equal.  They worked together, and Tracy had little respect for the way Karen carried herself.  At the party, Tracy was bored, yet fascinated with the crowd, though she didn’t understand how Karen could attract such a group to her home.  The men were obviously polished, and the women were very classy.

Karen, who hadn’t had a date in awhile, had gone there to meet a man, and he couldn’t just be any man, because she was very selective.  It had to be someone special and unique.  She sat near the door, so she could have first pick if the right one walked in.  She also ignored all gestures of interest from those who didn’t interest her.  She didn’t wish to waste time on those who didn’t qualify.

When the door opened, and Ron walked in, and Tracy’s heart skipped a beat.  He was just her style as he ambled through the door with wide shoulders and deep set eyes.  His clothes were casual, yet expensive, and his smile was sparkling.  She watched to see if he was with anyone, but he didn’t seem to be.

Tracy watched as he circled the party giving polite nods of recognition to those he knew.  She allowed him to pass by her without attempting to get his attention, because she wanted to make an impact impression.  When she saw him stop and talk to a woman who she deemed unattractive, she stood up, and flung her long lustrous hair in preparation for battle.

She decided to interrupt him and pretend to be seeking directions to the ladies’ room.  This ploy usually worked whenever she wanted a man to notice her.  And just as she expected, when she approached him, he smiled at her, said goodbye to the other woman, and used what Tracy often referred to as “the don’t I know you from somewhere line.”  As she put on her charm smile, she stared long and hard into his eyes, and guaranteed him that they’d never met before.  And just as she was about to ask him to dance, Karen walked up, put her arm through his and asked Tracy if she’d been properly introduced to her fiancé.


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