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Who Do

You Talk To?

“Love” Listening

by Coco Diong

February 10, 2018

Last week was a horrible week for me.  I got no sleep and I was up most of the night on Friday.  The reason being is that I have an ear.  That is, a listening ear.  I am willing to listen patiently while sympathizing with almost every female friend in my phone book as they moan and pine about the loss of love, the unrequited love or the abuse of love.  As of this writing, I am about to pull my hair out whenever my phone rings.

I don’t understand.  Why is that so many women are so smart when it comes to picking the mates of their friends, and so dumb when it comes to picking their own.   I have held more love distraught hands at 3:00 in the morning than any other human on earth.  And the unfortunate part is that they all seem to suffer from the same problem….yearning, hoping and crying for “love” to be returned from someone who either can’t or won’t.

Most are hanging on in relationships under deplorable conditions, because they live in fear of being without a mate.  One friend who is beautiful, lies in wait for a guy who tells her when he is out with other women.  Another, who feels that buying gifts is the way to a man’s heart, cries often about the “ingratitude of the men today” and continues to shop to impress after the first date.   I am in awe that today there are still a huge number of women who are dating married guys.  And I’m talking, women who are beautiful, accomplished and otherwise smart.

Their rationale varies between “there is a serious shortage of eligible desirable men,…therefore men sharing is almost a given…”  “I can’t help myself, no one treats me better…”or  “He’s not happy in his marriage.”  Yet the tears continue to flow and the groans of frustration grow louder.  One woman continues to date a guy who has hit on her sister, her cousin and her best friend.  One friend is currently involved with a man who she’s caught out several times with other women.

This is but a small sample of what I go through on a weekly basis, and there’s no break in sight.  Personally, I think that most of these women are somehow prone to “love” the wrongdoing guy who offers the most challenge, or the most mystique.  However, as I say often way after the midnight hour.  “The desire to be loved should never make one lose their mind or their sense of self worth.”   Unfortunately, no one is listening to me.

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