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The Dating Chronicles
The Match

Jodi stood silently, watching him and avoiding the chatter around her at the tennis court.  She had been watching him now for over two months.  She didn’t know his name, but in her heart, she had claimed him as her own.  H was some specimen of a man and she dreamed about him nightly.

He stood now on the court, with the poise of a prince with his hand raised, blocking the sun from his eyes.  She watched as he took strong command of the game, as he hit the ball hard with his racquet.  She looked around the crowd at the other women.  They too were entranced.  He was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

A month ago, at the refreshment stand, she maneuvered her way to stand next to him in line.  She hoped he would notice her, but to her dismay, he had not.  She ignored the advances of the other guys, to leave the way clear for him, but it had proved fruitless. She was convinced he had failed to see her and she was right.

She began to smile as she watched him raise his hand in triumph after he made his opponent miss the ball and won the match.  The game was over and he began to walk away.  For the first time, she wished that she was one of those assertive types, as a small crowd of female “admirers” quickly gathered to congratulate him.  Her heart sank as she turned to leave.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he was next to her, passing through the crowd.

Without thought, she scrambled to intentionally bump against him.  Her body tingled from the contact.  “I’m sorry.” they both said simultaneously.  He stared at her, seeing her for the first time. They laughed as they both began talking at once.  They ended up spending the rest of the day together, and the days ran into months, as they soon became inseparable.

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