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The Dating Chronicles
The Ploy

The restaurant was crowded and Dee’s stomach tumbled over when she spotted Greg the manager, whose good looks were the motivation for her being there.  She had noticed him before when she visited the popular spot and inquired about him.  She knew he was single and she was determined to meet him.  She had brought her friend Kim along for support, but she hadn’t mentioned her purpose.

Dee had already figured a plan to meet him and had carefully chosen her least attractive friend to avoid any distraction on his part.   After they were seated, and Kim began reading the menu, Dee unwrapped a linen napkin, she’d brought from home, which had a heavy red lipstick print, and pressed it against the rim of the water glass.  She then reached for the glass, pretending to drink from it, and gasped loudly in disgust.

“Where is the manager?” she demanded in rehearsed outrage, as she beckoned for a nearby waiter.  “This glass is filthy!  I want to see the manager.”  The waiter apologized, as he scurried off to find the manager.

While they waited, Kim joined in the “dismay” over the soiled glass, while Dee checked and rechecked her lipstick in her compact mirror.  However, when the manager arrived, he apologized profusely, offered to comp their dinner, and then sat down next to Kim with a big smile on his face.  It turned out that he had gone to high school with her and confessed to having a secret crush on her.  He teased her about overlooking him because he was known as “the fat boy.”

At first, Kim smiled embarrassingly, as she noticed the difference ten years had made. Now, she was the hefty one.  However, Greg’s mind was on another page.  For him, it was the beginning of a new pursuit, for the flame still burned brightly in his heart for a woman he had never forgotten.  Meanwhile, Dee sat in silence and shocked dismay.  As she watched them chat and exchange numbers, she made the decision to start doing things alone from that day forth.

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