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Love Lost
The Ravages Of Rage

Ed. Note:  Readers responded to an article we ran recently entitled Dangerous Dating and shared personal stories regarding the tragedy that jealousy can bring to relationships.

K.F. – “I live in New York and there are almost daily newspaper accounts of tragic incidents involving men and women, where jealousy was the cause. Some years ago, my boss who was a doctor, shot and killed her live-in lover, after she followed him and caught him with a younger woman.  She is still in jail for 25 years.”

Gene – “My sister was killed in a jealous rage by her boyfriend when she tried to break up with him because he had been physically abusive.  He accused her of every guy she’d passed on the street.  He shot her in front of my mother’s house with my mother standing on the porch.”

Karla – “My brother is serving time in prison right now because he killed his girlfriend in a jealous rage when he saw her laughing and talking with a co-worker.  He regrets what he did, but it’s too late now.  He was earning a six-figure income and living the good life, but his temper got the best of him.” 

 John – “I was shot by a jealous girlfriend two years ago when we got into an argument over me offering her friend a ride home.  I still have the bullet in me.  I’m grateful to God that I’m still alive, but I’m still resentful about what happened to me.  My girlfriend got a year in jail, and I have to live with a bullet in me.”

Meryl –“My dad, who was once a prominent lawyer, was a wife-beater due to jealousy, and a girlfriend beater after my mom finally divorced him.  I was in the car with him one day as a teenager, when he saw his girlfriend coming out of a restaurant with a younger man.  He stopped the car and attacked her on a busy street. The man turned out to be her cousin, but the damage was done.  Unfortunately, two years later, that same woman ended up killing him when he attacked her again in a jealous rage in public.  The jury ruled it self-defense, and she went on with her life.  Unfortunately, my father couldn’t.”                                                                                   

Bob – “My cousin was killed two years ago by his insanely jealous girlfriend when he tried to break off their relationship.  She ambushed him when he was leaving a nightclub with another woman, and after she shot him, she waited on the police to come and told them if she couldn’t have him, no one could.  She is in jail currently.

Sandra – “There are usually warning signs that point to a person’s tendency or capability to be outrageously jealous.  However, too often, some of us are so overcome by the “love” shown, that we misinterpret the behavior that showcases jealousy.  I was out on a third date with a guy who kept pressing me about not answering my cell phone all day.  When he first mentioned it, I told him that my cell phone wasn’t working.  However, when it rang during the course of dinner, he became visibly disturbed and accused me of lying.  I ended the relationship that night because I recognized the signs of a jealous man.  After I stopped seeing him, I heard he stabbed an ex-girlfriend in a jealous rage and had gone to jail for it.  I consider myself lucky because I read the signs and heeded them.”           

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