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The Run-In

June 1, 2018

Fran had been engaged to Chuck one year, when she ran into him with another woman, and his best friend, who were obviously on a double date. She was shocked.  They were all hugged up and laughing, when she walked up on them face to face, as she and her parents were coming out of the theater.  Both men stopped in their tracks, as if anticipating a scene.  Fran regained her composure quickly and simply handed Chuck his ring without a word.  When Chuck called after her, she kept walking.  Fran smiled at him without uttering a word and got into the car with her parents.  He banged on the window asking her to talk to him, but she ignored him and stared straight ahead.

Her mother lashed out a diatribe of angry words.  “Why didn’t you say something,” she screamed.   “Why that two-timing lowlife…I never did trust him…”

“Mother, listen, I’ve had a lovely evening, and there was nothing I could do to change that scene and I don’t wish to ruin my night by getting more upset.  I’m just glad I found out now before I married him.  Let him be the one who’s miserable tonight.  His conscience and my attitude will take care of all the revenge I could ever want.”

An hour later, Chuck was at Fran’s house demanding to be let in.  She refused to answer the door, so he left a note under her door.  It read, “I’m sorry for what happened tonight.  But, I happen to be in love with two women.  But, I only want to marry one.  You!”

Fran read the note, went to the window where he stood on the outside begging to be let in and burned it with him watching.  She never saw Chuck again.

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