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The Dating Chronicles
The Schemer

Philip was a handsome man with an air of confidence that most women found intriguing.  He had charm, good manners, and a “success” aura that served as a magnet for women.  But Philip’s appearance was deceiving, for behind the designer suits, luxury car, and expensive dinners, stood a guy with a purpose that preyed on loneliness.

As soon as he chose a “victim” he pretended to be swept up in a love that had been too long in coming.  And as the opportunity presented itself, he’d strike with one of his “money schemes.”  He would speak sincerely of marriage, financial security, and inevitably …”investing.”

He would borrow large sums of money from his fiancée to be, and suddenly become “depressed” and elusive, because a “deal” had failed.  When confronted, he would claim that the “shame and embarrassment of the loss” was more than he could bear.  Hence, this ploy would set the stage for a planned exit, and a move to the next victim.

Then he met Helen.  Helen was beautiful, smart, and skeptical of Philip from the start.  He was just too smooth…too glib…too charming.  They dated for three weeks before he presented her with his “marriage/business proposal.”  She became suspicious and had him investigated.  It turned out Philip was wanted by warrants in four states for bilking women out of money and writing bad checks.  Police arrested him at Helen’s house on the day he came to pick up the money she agreed to give him.

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