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The Dating Chronicles
The Secret

Meryl had been listening to Jake and the stories from his “love archives” since college.  She had been his friend and confidante since they were teenagers.  And she’d always loved him without him knowing it.

She had stood with him through two divorces, a “fatal attraction” and a six-week stay in the hospital.  And through it all, he had failed to see the stars in her eyes that shined only for him.  The women came and went and Jake shared their shortcomings with Meryl, and she learned bit by bit what pleased him.

Then it happened.  The guy she’d been dating for four years and hoping to marry suddenly left town and married someone else.  As a result, Meryl became a recluse with a broken heart.  She didn’t answer her phone or her door and refused to talk to anyone … not even Jake.

Jake became disturbed after two weeks of no contact with the person who listened to him when no one else was there.  He drove to Meryl’s house and shook the door frantically while he shouted from the outside.  “Meryl, you’ve got to snap out of this.  I can’t be without you.  You must let me in.  I’ve got to see you.  Without you, nothing is important.  Nothing matters. This can’t go on.  Open the door this moment!”

Suddenly, the door opened.  Meryl held out her hand and pulled him in.  For her, his words were the lift she needed.  For him, it was the first moment he realized how much he loved her.

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