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The Surprise

April 13, 2018

It was a Saturday night and Gina was feeling very lonely when her phone rang.  She hadn’t been on a date in awhile, and she was considering going to the movies alone.  The voice on the other end was deep and melodic, but he had the wrong number.  When Gina hung up the phone, she wondered if he’d call back, and a minute later, he did.  This time, she decided to help by asking him to repeat the number.  One word led to another, and they ended up talking for over an hour.  When Gina later hung up, she felt like she’d been on a mini-date.

When he called again the next night, her heart soared with excitement, as they shared information about themselves.  This time they talked two hours.  They decided to meet at a local restaurant the next day.  Gina was beside herself with anticipation.  She had already envisioned him to be tall, dark and handsome.  However, when he walked into the restaurant, she was shocked to discover that though he was handsome, he was also white.  Gina’s shock registered on her face when he came and sat down next to her.  It turned out that he didn’t care about the racial difference, and eventually she didn’t either.  They began dating and got engaged four months later.

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