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The Switch

February 22, 2018

Teri had never met a guy who matched her willingness to love and she was excited.  She was really enjoying dating Dave.  They enjoyed the same things and he seemed to get pleasure from pleasing her.  Then suddenly Dave changed.  He became distant and mysteriously unavailable.  “Have I messed up again?” she asked herself.

But the truth was that suddenly Dave wasn’t sure if he was ready to be committed.  He still wanted to be free.  He started thinking about all the things he didn’t like about Teri.  The way she chewed her food…her proverbial joke-telling…her inability to cook…her thin legs…the list became endless.

Meanwhile, Teri was calling him daily, barraging him with unanswered questions.  Then suddenly she stopped, and withdrew with a broken heart, but with a determination to heal, as she always did.

At first, Dave was relieved that Teri had stopped calling.  However, after a few weeks, he became curious.  He called her and was disturbed by the happiness in her tone.  It seemed that she had given up on him and he resented it.  Now, suddenly he didn’t want to lose her.  He realized that he loved her after all.  But was it too late?  He decided to send her some flowers with a card that read, “I miss you…can I come back?”  She sent the flowers back, with a note that read. “To Who?”

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