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March 3, 2018

When Terry proposed to Jackie, he was sincere at the time.  They had been dating for three years and she had borne him three children.  Terry was a wealthy man who had amassed a fortune in various real estate ventures.  At thirty-nine, he was finally ready to play the role of husband to a woman who had proven to be faithful and dedicated to him.

Jackie was ecstatic, and planned an elaborate wedding, which was scheduled to take place on a Caribbean island.  However, two weeks before the wedding, after meeting an exotic beauty on a plane returning home from a business trip, Terry came to the realization that he wasn’t ready to give up being single just yet.  So, he cancelled the wedding by sending Jackie a “Forgive Me” card, with a $50,000 check enclosed and a note detailing his ‘sudden cold feet” an apology and bitter regret.  After receiving the card, Jackie drove to his office and shot out all the windows of his car, and his tires.  To everyone’s surprise, the wedding took place as scheduled.


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