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The Ultimate

Blind Date

July 26, 2018

Alan and Elaine met while visiting a mutual friend in the hospital.  Elaine was impressed the moment she laid eyes on him. He was the best looking guy she’d seen in a long time.   They had been engaged in talk and laughter for more than thirty minutes, before she realized he was blind.  Her heart fell when he stood up and reached for a cane next to his chair.

Her shock and disappointment was evident in her voice, when he made the sudden announcement that he had to go.  She was surprised when a very striking woman walked through the door and wrapped her arms around Alan’s neck.

She was there to pick Alan up, and Elaine’s shock turned to curiosity, as the couple waved goodbye and sailed laughingly through the door.  When they left, Elaine grilled her sick friend about Alan, and found out he was an attorney, who had been injured in an automobile accident.  He had been blind for two years, and the woman who picked him up was his sister.  That night, Elaine went to bed thinking about him.

Two months later, Elaine saw Alan crossing a busy street and her heart lurched at the sight of him.  She walked up beside him and put her arm in his without saying a word, and guided him across the street.  When they reached the other side, he smiled broadly and thanked her.  When he asked if her name was Elaine, she almost fainted.  He explained that he remembered her perfume, from when they first met at the hospital, and how he had been thinking about her ever since that day.  They ended up having lunch and meeting later for dinner.  Seven weeks later, they eloped to Hawaii.

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