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The Dating Chronicles
The Wrong Impression

Tom was suspicious, but he didn’t say anything.  He had met Donna shortly after his divorce.  His experience with marriage had been a bad one and the pain of betrayal had driven him to bury his emotions so deep as to never see light again.  Then he met Donna, whose spirit wiggled its way into the caverns of his heart and he was again a slave to love and all it called for.

However, on this day, he felt betrayed again as he sat and listened to Donna whispering on the phone in the next room.  She’d had a strange look on her face when she answered the door earlier as if he was the last person she wanted to see and he succeeded in suppressing his anger.  He was accustomed to coming by without calling first, but this time she acted as if his visit was unwelcome.  The longer she talked on the phone, the angrier he got.  Then suddenly, without plan, he abruptly stood up and stormed out of the door.

Meanwhile, Donna had panicked when the doorbell rang.  Tom had been the last person she’d expected to see.  Of all days for him to get off from work early, that was the worst day.  She was planning a surprise party for him to celebrate his job promotion and he had shown up in the midst of her decorating the house for the party that night.

When the doorbell rang, she had hurriedly tossed all the decorations in a nearby bedroom to keep him from becoming suspicious.  Then at the precise moment that her nerves were settling back to normal, his mother called about a problem with the caterer. When the front door slammed shut, she thought he had forgotten something in the car and that the wind was awfully high.

When minutes passed and he didn’t return, she looked out the window and saw his car was gone.  After solving the problem with his mother, she hung up and called his house.  There was no answer.  Unfortunately, Tom was unable to be reached until the next day, after the party was over.

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