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Two Sides

Rod had seen her when she entered the room, but he looked away.  He had come in hopes that she might be there.  It was an annual party she never missed, but he was unprepared for the large lump that came up in his throat and the soft punch that dropped in his stomach.  His hands shook as he walked toward the bar.  She was talking to another woman.  He relaxed from the inside, as he watched her greet others warmly.

He wondered if she would do the same with him.  He had not seen her in three months and she had refused his calls.  He had messed up and he knew it.  He’d made the worst mistake a man could make.  As he stood watching her, he wondered if she’d ever forgive him, and come to the belief again that he loved only her.

Suddenly, she turned in his direction and stared into his eyes.  Her face lit up and she smiled softly.  His heart leaped in joy.  She’s no longer angry, he shouted from within.  She has forgiven me.  He moved to embrace her, to feel her warmth and to smell her perfume, but the dance floor stood between them.

He moved furiously through the crowd to reach the other side, but when he got there…she was gone.

He searched the room frantically, but there was no sight of her.  He ran outside to see if he could find her.  As he reached the bottom step, her car whizzed past at top speed.  His heart tore in pieces as he walked back slowly to the party.


Donna knew Rod would be there.  She had seen him first when she entered the room, but pretended not to.  She was not ready to face him after what he had done.  Her heart still ached from the knowledge of his deception.  He had been dating her best friend behind her back and she had bumped into them unexpectedly at a carnival.  She had been devastated because she really loved him, but she had not said a word.  She had not spoken to either of them since the incident and she had vowed to never go near either of them again.

As she drove along, she smiled to herself, as she thought of the two deceivers, who now seemed too ashamed to go near each other.  They wore their guilt on their sleeves for all to see.  They all attended the same church and she watched them every Sunday as they stumbled to avoid each other eyes and presence.

She knew the power of silence and how well it could affect a person’s mind.  She could feel his eyes on her back and see his discomfort from across the room.  Calculatedly, she had turned, as the dance floor filled, to face him and smiled.  She knew he would interpret it as a sign of forgiveness and head toward her.  She knew him too well.  However, when she saw him move, she dashed toward the door, as the crowd spilled from everywhere to fill the dance floor in response to the music.  Delight and revenge propelled her steps as she headed toward her car.  She hoped his heart would experience a hurt similar to hers, when he realized she was gone.  As she ran, she hoped and prayed that he would feel the same pain of deception she’d experienced.

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