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The Dating Chronicles

Two Tales In The City

October 26, 2018

Al and Roxanne met at an ice cream parlor.  She was ordering a chocolate sundae and he offered to pay for it.  They exchanged numbers and he called the next day.  They began dating heavily and were inseparable for three months.   Then Roxanne met someone else whom she deemed more exciting than Al and began dodging Al’s phone calls.  It ended when he followed her one night to a popular nightclub and caught her with the other guy.  He shot them both.  The man survived, but she didn’t.


John and Lynn met while she was trying to flag down a cab, and Joe stopped and offered her a lift.  She refused, but she did take his card and called him a week later.  They began going out and after four weeks Linda was in love and convinced she had finally met her soul-mate.  For seven months, they only saw each other on the weekend, which Linda wasn’t pleased with.  Then Joe suddenly became too busy to get together on the weekend, and Linda became suspicious that he was seeing someone else.  It ended when Linda ran into him in a local wine shop with another woman, and he introduced her to Linda as his “new friend,” and continued shopping with her.  Linda went out to the parking lot and rammed his BMW with her Lincoln Navigator into two parked cars.

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