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“What Holds My Attention”

December 28, 2017


TOM – “A woman who does not try to impress me. She is what she is and she makes no apologies for it. I also appreciate a woman who likes her body and it’s evident, whether she’s large or small.”

GEORGE – “A woman with a wonderful sense of humor. A woman who can be my buddy and my lover.”

GLENN – “A smart woman can lead me down the primrose path. I also enjoy a woman who loves life and enjoys it with or without me.”

JACK – “A woman with a sharp mind can have me forever, if she uses her mind in a positive way. A woman’s mind is what makes her exciting, challenging, and interesting.”

STEVE – “A woman who is not emotionally needy and financially greedy.”

ROB – “A woman who is independent yet, dependent. It is obvious to me that I have a place in her life that would be void without me, but I’m not her life. She needs me, but then again, she doesn’t.  A state, which keeps me sort of unbalanced or on my toes, which one, I’m not sure, but it keeps me coming.”

JIM – “A woman who enjoys cooking and treats me like I’m a person, not a possession.”

STAN – “A woman who does not bore me. Stimulating conversation can almost compensate for that which is not up to par.”

BILL – “If a woman is complex, meaning I never know what to expect, it would be hard to leave her for anything. With her, the relationship would never grow stale.”

BRAD – “Flexibility. I prefer the woman who can get up at 4 a.m. and go out to breakfast with me, because I need to talk. Or who’s willing to drop everything and fly to an island for a weekend at a moment’s notice.”


GLORIA – “A man who makes me feel like I am the most special person in the world. If I get half of what I’m giving in a relationship, I’m staying.”

STEPHANIE – “A man who makes it evident that he needs me and only me. I stay away from men who simply ‘enjoy women’. That means that he is likely to be a dog.”

JEAN – “A man who is not selfish. Selfishness on a man’s part is the greatest challenge a woman has in a relationship. I couldn’t take a man whose actions revolved around him and only him.”

WENDY – “A man who knows what he wants. If he knows what he wants, then if he chooses me and the feeling is mutual, I would feel confident of his fidelity. Most men run around from woman to woman, because they have no idea what they want or what they are looking for.”

DANA – “A man who acts like a man. A real live grownup, who says and behaves in a grownup fashion. Unfortunately, the ones I have found who have this character are usually too old for me.”

KELLY – “A smart man. A man who knows his way around. A man with a take charge attitude. A man I don’t have to lead around like a little boy. Too many men are looking for someone to point them in the right direction.”

MICKI – “A sensitive man. A man who listens and feels.  A man whose ways and manner make me feel good about me. A man who prizes me.”

SARAH – “A relationship where I’m free to be myself…where I’m not critiqued for every little action, because I’m not everything what he wants. Who is?”

JUNE – “A man who’s adventurous and has the capacity to be my best friend. I don’t want a man I can’t talk to, who sees a woman in his life as an ornament or sex object.”

JILL – “A man who’s looking for a ‘little girl’ to love and cherish. A man who wants a real soul mate. A man I can laugh and cry with.”

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