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What To Do & Not Do This Summer

by M.K. Allison

It’s summertime across the country and singles should be out doing all kinds of things that correlate with warm weather…Bike-riding, beach sitting, al fresco dining, park walks, water sports, amusement parks, bench reading, rollerblading, sailing, boat riding, canoeing, sunbathing, picnicking, Bar B Q’s, outdoor concerts, travel, etc.  Unfortunately, for many, summer serves as just hot weather to perform their same old routines in.

How about you?  Summer is almost here and I bet many have few plans to really enjoy it.  They’re either confined by a daily routine of work, duties, and other related responsibilities…or a much heard of excuse like, “I have no one to do anything with.”  I did a mini-poll of over fifty women concerning their summer activities so far, and the answers were downright pitiful.  Here are a few…

“I don’t have time to enjoy the summer, except to take the kids to the playground or the park.  There is just no time to do adult things that are fun.”

“I’m exhausted when I get in from work.  I fall asleep watching television, and on the weekend, I run errands to get ready for the next week.  Plus, there’s no park nearby and I live in the concrete city.”

“I don’t have any friends to do anything with.”

“I’m too fat for summer clothes, so I stay in under the air conditioning.”

“I’m afraid to go places alone, and none of my friends want to do anything.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend to do things with.”

Like I said…pitiful.  But wait, here’s another poll I read that was done with over 400 singles across the country, on what they did last summer, which further substantiates my point.

  • 13% ate at an outdoor restaurant.
  • 17% owned bikes but didn’t ride them.
  • 11% of those who lived near beaches…did not visit the beach.
  • 15% did not go in the water all summer.
  • 5% went to a water park.
  • 33% went to an amusement park at least once.
  • 15% picnicked in the park with friends and/or lovers.
  • 9% went rollerblading and/or rode electric scooters.
  • 54% owned bikes and rode them regularly.
  • 15% went sailing.
  • 28% rode on a boat, which included speedboats, dinner cruises & sightseeing boats
  • No one went canoeing.
  • 19% sunbathed on a beach but did not go in the water.
  • 2% went horseback riding.
  • 27% went camping or hiking.
  • 65% went to at least one outdoor concert.
  • 43% traveled on vacation.

But most agreed they hadn’t taken enough time to really enjoy the summer as they should have.  Don’t let the summer slip away.  Venture out.  Break away from the routine of work, TV, and other related time consumers and let the wind blow through your hair.  You owe it to yourself.  Summer is a time for fun.  Enjoy it!

My Favorite Summer Pleasures

  • Lying under the stars listening to music at an outdoor concert, with great food, good wine, and good company.
  • Riding a bike in the park on a warm summer evening.
  • Riding the Ferris wheel at an amusement park.
  • Picnics for two.
  • Boat rides
  • Dining at outdoor restaurants.
  • Hiking with friends.
  • Camping

What about you?  What are your summer pleasures?

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