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Your Body:

Cared For Or Not?

12 Steps To Feeling Your Best… by Jan Pitts

I know a woman whose home should be featured in Beautiful Homes and Gardens.  It is absolutely fabulous, and she is very proud of it.  She has wall to wall white carpeting and she won’t allow anyone to wear shoes inside her door.

There are never any dirty dishes in her sink, not even one glass.  Dishes go from her hands (after eating) to the dishwasher with no stopover.  Her home is so clean you could literally eat off the floor.

However, the care that she gives her body is in sharp contrast to the care she gives her home.  She weighs over 300 pounds.  She is so overweight, that she has trouble catching her breath when she walks.  She eats all the unhealthy stuff in large volume, and she complains constantly about not feeling well.  Her daily diet gives new meaning to the term “junk food.”   She ignores her body as if it has no value, yet she devotes every spare moment to the beautification of her home and car.

I don’t understand her, but she’s not uncommon.  Most of us take better care of our cars and homes than we do our bodies.  Are you one of the many who have yet to see your body as something to be treasured and cared for.

Take this healthy quiz and see how well you take care of your body.

  1. Do you eat fruit and vegetables five times a week? You should.
  2. Have you ever relaxed in a bathtub of water mixed with two cups of sea salt? It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth in a way you can’t imagine.  Sea salt can be purchased at most health food stores.
  3. Do you eliminate daily? If you don’t, here’s a great cleanser to use at the end of the week.  One 12 oz. glass of prune juice followed immediately by one 12 oz. glass of apple juice.  This concoction is guaranteed to make you feel brand new in less than three hours.
  4. Do you get at least seven hours of sleep a day? Sleep restores the body, and is necessary for good health.  Lack of sleep zaps your energy.
  5. Do you drink at least 5 8 oz. cups of water a day. Force yourself.  Try it with a straw.  Water washes the muck out of your body. You will feel the difference immediately.  .
  6. Do you force yourself to exercise at least three times a week? You should.  You will feel ten times better than you feel now, and if you move up to five days, you’ll feel on top of the world.  Start by walking briskly 30 minutes a day.  Do 25 sit-ups, or ten jumping jacks in front of the mirror.  Rejuvenate yourself, and your body will reward you in stamina.
  7. Could you run fast for five minutes if you had to run for your life? If the answer is no, start lifting weights today and buy yourself a bike.  It’ll build up your endurance.
  8. Do you dry-brush your skin? This improves your blood circulation.
  9. Do you ever do deep breathing exercises? Learn to breathe from deep down.  The oxygen helps burn fat, and deep breathing cleans out toxic carbon dioxide from your blood cells.
  10. Have you ever tried yoga? Learning the discipline of yoga is life-changing and serves as a great aid to healthy living.
  11. Do you eat fried foods at least twice a week? If you do, you might as well include motor oil in your diet.  Fried foods clog up your system like a cork in a wine bottle.  Fried food should be an indulgence only. Maybe once a month.
  12. Do you worry a lot? Worry can be a serious hazard to your health.  Feeling stressed?  Lie flat on the floor with your feet propped up on a wall for five minutes and renew your mind.

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