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January 11, 2019

  • Carl W. “It only takes one date to discover the chemistry. If it’s not there, there’s no point in wasting any more time.  The problem is always what to say at the door.”
  • Tom B. “I married a woman after only dating her for four months because she was enchanted with her confidence, her strength, and her ability to bake an apple pie.”
  • Ken S. “Parties are the best places to meet polished women. But it’s a tough place for a guy with poor pulling skills. Guys who are too polite, get waved away fast.
  • Mel T. “The last blind date I had made me wish I were blind.”
  • Jack L. “I went to the theater with a woman who snored through the entire movie. I ended up leaving her there.”
  • James K. “I had two women tell me that they don’t trust men, on the first date, and I never saw them again. I don’t like to date women who come in and put distrust on the table.”
  • Ben J. “I think more and more women understand that a willingness to help pay for the date makes them more attractive.”
  • Keith H. “I often go back and date ex-girlfriends when I get bored, but it’s not the smart thing to do. Sometimes it lifts hopes, where there is none.
  • Len G. “When I found a woman I wanted to tell my secrets to, I proposed.”
  • Mack G. “If you really like a woman, you’ll take what comes with her, which includes the children.”
  • Ed K. “When a woman has more money that a man, she often uses it as a vital part of his benefits package.”


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