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Though he’s attentive, I suspect my boyfriend is seeing another woman, but I can’t prove it.

by Sarah Smart

December 4, 2018

Q:  I suspect that my boyfriend is seeing someone else.  When I am at his house, he snatches the phone when it rings and whispers in it.  He claims that he sleeps so soundly that he can’t hear the phone when it rings late at night. He can be very secretive and aloof, but most of the time, he’s attentive.  My problem is that I am miserable.  Even though I can’t prove he’s involved with someone else, my female instincts tells me he is violating our relationship with another woman.  I have decided to end the mystery in search for peace of mind.  My friends think I’m paranoid and overreacting to “feminine intuition.”  But I’d rather walk alone than be bothered with this uneasiness.  What do you think?

A:  I think you are right to seek a peace of mind and only you know what that entails.  Most women have a sixth sense about the man in their lives and this may be the case.  It could be intuition or paranoia, but the most important thing is to relieve your feelings of misery. A woman can usually tell when a man’s attention is divided regardless of what he say or does.  If ending the relationship will make you feel better, then that’s what you should do.

Q:  My best friend’s single dad and I have just started dating.  He is eighteen years older, and the most fabulous man I’ve ever met.  The problem is that we’re dating secretly.  I’m afraid to tell her, because I’m embarrassed and he doesn’t want her to know.  I have been lying to her about the new man in my life, and she keeps insisting on meeting him. What should I do?

A:   I would stop lying. I would either tell her the truth or tell her that I’m not ready for her to meet the man I’m dating yet, and when I am, I’d let her know.

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