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8 Fun Things
To Do This

by M.K. Allison

1. Ride Out In The Open Air: If you don’t already own a convertible, motorcycle, or bike, rent one for a weekend and drive around the city or through the countryside with a friend or a group of friends.  There is nothing like a ride in a convertible car on a warm summer evening.

2. Sleep Under The Stars: Rent a cabin in the countryside for a weekend and invite several friends to join you for swimming, bicycling, hiking, or a BarBQ.  Make sure it’s on a lake.  Renting a cabin is not an expensive thing and it’s a unique place to have an outdoor party with a bunch of friends.  Buy or rent a tent (they’re very inexpensive) and pitch camp with a few friends.

3. Dine Al Fresco: Enjoy outdoor dining at a restaurant located on the water. Great way to enjoy a summer evening with or without a date.

4. Opt For Some Horseplay: Go to the closest racetrack and enjoy the thrill of watching a thoroughbred horse race.  It’s an exciting atmosphere to be in.  Be sure to place a minimum bet on a horse whose name catches your fancy.

5. Night Noshing: Organize a picnic at the local beach for five or more friends after dusk or dark.

6. Get Aboard: Go sailing in the afternoon.  Most cities have places where you can go sightseeing on a tour boat or a speedboat.

7. Put Your Mettle To The Pedal: Go bike riding with a friend on a hot summer night in the downtown area of your city. Take snacks and your favorite beverage to share on one of the many benches designed for you to take a rest.

8. Enjoy A Roller-Coaster Ride: Visit the closest amusement park as often as you can. It’s a great stress reliever.




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