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10 Ways To Find
Your Mate
This Summer

by Coco Diong

  • Jog, Bike, or Walk – on the bike paths or park trails in your city. The parks are loaded with singles looking to have new encounters. Buy a bike and ride it! Wear a headset and enjoy your favorite music.
  • Tennis Courts – Visit the public courts in your area and become either a participant or a spectator. Tennis Courts are prime spots for singles to meet.
  • VISIT A Local Softball Game – These spots are filled with singles who are very involved spectators.
  • Throw a Cook-out – Hook up a semi-monthly picnic (do a pot-luck) with friends at each other’s homes, and invite those outside your circle.
  • Visit Art Fairs – Singles are in abundance here. You can find the listings in your local newspaper. This is a great place to mingle with intellectuals and art lovers.
  • Try Golfing – There are more single men and women on golf courses than ever before. Take some lessons and make some new friends.
  • Attend Neighborhood Music Fests – There is no greater place to enjoy a summer day. There is usually lots of food and good music. Try riding through on your bike, and watch all the people you’ll meet.
  • Organize A Volleyball Game – Invite your neighbors to play.
  • Join A Political Group – This is a sure way to meet interesting people, and exchange great ideas.
  • Travel – Go to a music festival this year, out-of-town, and enjoy the excitement and fun of meeting people from across the country.

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