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Love Lives:

What To Do

When The

Heart Is Broken…

by M.K. Allison

January 15, 2018

So… it finally ended and you think life is so cruel, but time will teach you a valuable lesson.  For that same man or woman that you thought you couldn’t live without, will one day be a shadow of a memory.  Unfortunately, hurt and pain is a part of living that must be conquered each time it’s encountered.  So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take a good look at the relationship.  Did it really have a chance?  Were the two of you really compatible?  Was it fulfilling for you as an individual?  Ask yourself these questions honestly and objectively and then write the answers down and while writing, make a note of the good times and the bad times and see which outweigh the other.

Was there really a good reason to give him/her your heart or your body?  If it turns out through this objective analysis that this man or woman was everything you wanted; but the feeling never appeared mutual…then you’re in luck.  For many times, we think we want something so bad and it turns out that it was not the best thing for us in the first place.  Remember, anything that’s divinely meant for you, you cannot miss.  You will get all you’re supposed to have based on God’s will…but it’s always in His time.  Keep this in mind and it will assist you in getting over the hurt every time there’s a need to do so.

Remember, how much in love you were with you know who, and how you thought you would never get over them as long as you breathed?  Then you met this “new love” and you tore up all the pictures you had of the other love.  So, you’ll get over this one the same way.  Each day is a new beginning.  Look at it in this manner and your heart will mend much faster.  But next time, don’t give your heart away so easily.  Wait…test the water and see if it’s warm enough to go in and then plunge into it and give it all you got

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