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5 Things

To Do For

Girl’s-Night In…

by Abigail Dye

March 5, 2018

Let’s face it, college provides a lot of opportunities to go out. The go-to weekend during this period includes going out, drinking cocktails, meeting cute guys and flirting the night away. But, something that we as ladies must never forget is the importance of a girl’s-night. Here are a few fantastic ideas to woo your lady-friends by hosting the perfect girl’s-night in.

1.) Sip ‘n’ Swap

Admit it, there are probably about ten items laying around your room that you no longer use. Maybe it’s that lipstick you haven’t touched, those shoes you wore once or a purse you’ve been neglecting. No matter what your personal clutter is, all ladies have their own. Host a “swap night” where everyone brings a few items they no longer use to swap. Be sure to set perimeters such as “One piece of clothing, one cosmetic and one accessory” so no one gets the short end of the stick. To complete the swap, ask everyone to bake a batch of cookies and bring a drink so you can all exchange and enjoy.

2.) Spa Night

Everyone needs to relieve stress, especially college students. Putting together a do-it-yourself spa day is a cheap and easy way to have fun with the girls. You can find peel-off face masks and hair masks for less than $2 at Forever 21, Ulta Beauty or online. You can also find easy DIY recipes for hair and face masks online using household items.  Exchange facials, mani-pedis and massages – or you could even all pitch in to hire a mobile masseuse. Set a relaxing mood with incense, candles and a soothing soundtrack which you can stream for free from YouTube or Sound Cloud. To top it all off you can serve herbal tea, champagne, mini-chocolates and a fruit or veggie platter.

3.) Recipe Rake 

This is an all-time favorite girl’s night. Each lady chooses a recipe that she adores and you all help one another make every dish. At the end, everyone will have learned how to make a brand-new meal and then you can all feast! Just be sure that each lady brings the ingredients for their own dish. It is also a good idea to assign each person with a category of food such as appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts, so at the end you can all enjoy a proper spread.

4.) Wine and Cheese Tasting

Wine and cheese are a classic coupling that is sure to please the girls. Get 3-5 different types of cheeses to serve up and ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine.  Be sure that everyone knows what wines are being brought so that you don’t end up with 5 bottles of Merlot. Riesling pairs well with ricotta, Malbec with cheddar and Pinot Noir with brie. Be sure to provide paper, so everyone can write down the combinations they fall in love with.  Rent a movie, put on some jazz or provide some gossip magazines to complete the event.

5.) Taco Tuesday 

This one doesn’t necessarily have to be hosted on Tuesday because tacos are good every day of the week! Sauté some onions, peppers and fresh cilantro with shrimp, chicken or tofu. Set this out in a bowl with separate bowls of beans, rice, salsa, cheese, corn, guacamole, lettuce and some tortillas. Wala – The perfect taco bar is complete. The secret to the textbook taco Tuesday is – you guessed it – margaritas.  All you need is tequila, margarita mix, ice and fresh fruit if you’d like. Throw it all in a blender and serve up this refreshing treat in salt or sugar rimmed glasses.”



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