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6 Reasons Your Phone May Not Ring

by Lisa Cregier

With few exceptions, most people wish to be viewed as “wonderful to be around,” but are they?  Take yourself for instance.   If you are guilty of any of the traits below, it may be difficult at times to enjoy your company.  

  • If you ask a lot of probing questions, you can come off as nosey to the person being questioned.  Good questions are casually asked with a twist of interest.
  •  If you sound hurt, irritated or disappointed by every phone call or message not returned, then you could be viewed as demanding and high maintenance.
  • If you regard dates in a relationship as duty due to you because you have agreed to be involved, then you could be considered as childish and immature.  Being together is a natural extension of mutual involvement, usually.  When one has to dictate or demand time from a romantic interest, it is not a good relationship-it’s a casual encounter from time to time.
  • If you talk mostly about yourself and/or what relates to you, then you are certain to be boring.  Being “self-hooked” makes it hard for someone to endure being around you.
  • If you are quick to pass judgment out loud, complain a lot, feel sorry for yourself, and lack a sense of humor, it is probably not fun to be in your company.
  • If you are a flaw finder, opinionated, and can’t stand to be wrong, it is very likely that only a few (and most of them being family) are breaking their necks to sit next to you.  If any of this applies to you, Norman Vincent Peale has a book for you.  It’s called “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”


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