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What You Should

Know About Dating

& Dining Etiquette

by Edward Lamberto

When Dining Out…A man should rise when a woman joins him at a table and should remain standing until she is seated.

*** When at dinner, it is considered good manners to wait until everyone has been served before you begin eating.

*** When you go to a restaurant, the woman is to walk behind the headwaiter, with the man bringing up the rear when being seated for dinner.

*** When dining out, the man should always give the waiter the order for dinner, when he is accompanied by a female companion.

***When dining, the woman gives all her waiter needs to her male companions such as…”more water…more butter, or another glass of wine”, and he, in turn, conveys her request to the waiter.

One should never take food from a serving tray, (being passed by a waiter) and stick it into your mouth.  The food should first be put on a plate or napkin and then put in the mouth.

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