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8 Ways

To Capture

His Attention


by Terri Smith

January 18, 2018

Despite the opinion of many, believe or not, there are a great number of guys out there who are faithful, and only have eyes for one woman.  There is a reason for it and here’s the secret.   You can have true romance the way you want it, if you’re willing to employ the following tips.  It took some bangs and scratches along the way to finally grasp these points and apply them, which involved crying my heart over many a “star-studded jerk.” But I finally got it…and they work like magic.

Here are the 8 Best Ways to captivate the heart and mind of the man of your choosing. However, before you begin reading, you must know that none of this will work unless you are able to adapt the mindset that you can take or leave the relationship for the sake of your goal.

  1. Don’t complain – just take a break and disappear with no explanation when something really bothers you. It makes it easier for him to hear you when you’re ready to talk about whatever it is.
  2. Never reveal your anger – just get even.
  3. If he doesn’t listen to you – stop talking and stare at him when he talking.
  4. Have something you enjoy other than him and let it be known.
  5. Let him know what you like and never accept less than that. This includes behavior, attention, commitments, etc.
  6. Holler when it hurts. Spank his ego with pointed wit and soft kisses.
  7. Give him something to wonder about. Don’t tell him everything or let him see everything.  Keep at least one door in your life closed.
  8. Accept no excuses for bad behavior..



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