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A Case

Of Rage

May 1, 2018

Kim lived alone in a big house, so when her friend Bobbie asked if she could come stay with her for awhile after she lost her job, Kim quickly said yes.  At the time, when Bobbie moved in, Kim was engaged to Ray, and they were planning to marry in the Fall.

One day, when Kim returned back early from a business trip, she was surprised to see Ray’s car parked out front, and he knew she was out of town.  She became even more shocked when she walked in the door and called out his name and got no answer.

Her suspicions accelerated when she headed toward Bobbie’s room and heard muffed sounds of lovemaking.  She stopped in her tracks and headed back to the kitchen.  There, she picked up a can of kerosene and grabbed a box of matches.  When she got back to Bobbie’s door, she flung the door open and saw two people in the bed under a mound of covers.  They didn’t hear her come in.  Without uttering a word, she silently poured the kerosene on the floor around the bed and dropped a match on it.

She closed the door as the flames begin to circle the bed.  She listened to the screams on the other side of the door, as she seethed in anger.  But when they both burst through the door she was holding by the knob, she was shocked to see that the man was not Ray.  It was Ray’s brother.  It turned out that he had borrowed Ray’s car to come over to see Bobbie.

They ended up with minor burns, but Bobbie moved out of Kim’s house the next day, and Ray later broke off the engagement.  Ray’s brother pressed charges, but they were later dropped.

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