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Alone For The Holidays?

Here’s 6 Ways To Have A Merry Ol’ Time.

by Dani Stone

Holidays can be a real drag when you’re single.  Tradition dictates that the period starting at Thanksgiving in November and ending after the merriment of welcoming in a New Year subsides in January, is a capsule of time that is meant for sharing our lives.  Whether we share them with families, friends, lovers or “significant others, it is pretty much expected that we will share this time with someone.

The truth of the matter is that all of us don’t have families.  Our friends may not be around.  As hard as we may have tried, there may be no lover warming our hearts this season.  And our “significant other” is likely to be a cat or dog.  I know…because for three years straight invariably, I found myself alone (no romantic connection) during the holiday season.     Last year, I made up my mind not to suffer through another holiday season alone and feeling sorry for myself, This is what I did and it was the best holiday season I’ve had in awhile.

READ…If you’re too busy all year to read all the books or magazine articles you’ve wanted to read, but didn’t have the time, now’s the time.  As they come in, compile them in the corner and call them, “holiday readings.”  I discovered a pleasure beyond measure when I hurried home on Thanksgiving from the family dinner and propped up in my bed to begin my reading. 

BRING COMFORT TO OTHERS…Go to the nearest nursing home and plan to visit those residents who have no family or visitors. be sure to visit them over the holidays, and take them “trinkets of joy,” which could include fruit, homemade cookies, cakes, a home cooked meal, or a small gift that you know will make them happy.  In many nursing homes, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who are sick, alone and without family or friends, who would relish a visit from a caring soul.  Out of all the things I discovered, this was the most fulfilling.

DO A MOVIE MARATHON…If you don’t have Netflix, now is the time to get it.   You’ll find all the movies you always wanted to see, and didn’t have the time.  A movie marathon can last you through the end of New Year’s Day.  Somehow, no matter how lonely I may feel, I never feel lonely when I’m watching a good movie.

DO A HOME TREASURE HUNT…Clean out all your closets and discover stuff you haven’t seen in years.  Re-organize your clothes.  Throw away what needs to be thrown away for a change.  Make some new outfits, by matching old clothes with new clothes.  Create a whole new look with what you already have.  Fix up bags of clothes that you no longer want and take them to a shelter.  I took a bag of clothes to a women’s shelter on New Year’s Day and it was a gratifying experience watching the women squeal over my discards.

THREW A PARTY…Organize other friends who may also be spending the holidays alone, and have a get-together filled with imagination and fun.  On Christmas Eve last year,  I invited a group of girl-friends over who were without “holiday company,” and each brought their favorite dish.  We danced and sang to our favorite music while we shared our most happiest times, embarrassing moments, dreams and dating mistakes.  We had so much fun, we did it again on New Year’s Eve, with more people.

REACH OUT & TOUCH…Sit down and make a list of all the people you know who would deeply appreciate you appearing at their door on any given holiday with a small homemade pound cake, or whatever you bake best, (If you don’t bake, buy a tin of cookies) and then go.    It’s another gratifying experience.

Happy Holidays!

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