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April 17, 2018

Maria had been dating Bill for awhile, but she didn’t like taking Bill around her friends because he lacked the credentials required to be in their circle. Though he was a good-looking guy, he was a mechanic and Maria was a schoolteacher.  She liked Bill because he was a good companion and very dependable, but she longed for a more suitable mate– she could be proud to be with.

However, when Bill mentioned in a group discussion at her friend Bobbi’s birthday party that he had never traveled out of state, and had never attended college, Maria cringed in her seat.  Her friends had been polite, but their disdain was obvious.  As she watched him move awkwardly through her crowd, she knew what she had to do to avoid further embarrassment.  She decided that evening to choose being alone over unsuitable company, and to tell Bill on the way home.  However, when her friend Jennifer walked up and complimented her on how handsome Bill was, she changed her mind, and decided against getting rid of him and to just keep him behind closed doors.

Ironically, on the way home Maria was stunned when Bill told her he was no longer interested in being involved because he felt they were incompatible.  He became as he described the look on her face, when he mentioned he had never been to college.  Maria was so taken aback  she began to apologize profusely  and beg him to reconsider his decision.  However, he was adamant in wanting to end the relationship.  When he let her out at home, he sped off without saying goodbye.  Two weeks later, she learned that Bill and Jennifer were dating, and she was incensed. She decided to do all she could to get him back.


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