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Dating Data: This Year So Far

The Poll

The Women

34%    did not go on a romantic date this year.

27%  dated younger men this year for the first time. 37% went on at least two unsuccessful blind dates this year. 29% asked a guy out, but only 3% had good results. 11% had success meeting men on the Internet.

54%    dated ex-boyfriends at least once this year.

16%    cheated outside of their relationship

17%    ended a relationship with no explanation.

38%    had unprotected sex on a regular basis.


12%    went out on a date with a woman who initiated the date.

52%    went out at least once with a woman they met at a party

23%    dated older women.

28%    had at least one successful blind date.

9%      enjoyed online dating this year.

67%    dated several ex-girlfriends this year.

3%      were currently involved in triangle relationships.

49%    stopped seeing a woman and didn’t explain why.

51%    had unprotected sex often.

555 Responses – Source:  The Salem Report

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