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When Worth It!

 by Latasha Ford

April 24, 2018

 It’s worth being vulnerable,.. you just have to trust it. Sometimes that person is worth you letting your guards down and trusting them to lead the way. It isn’t an easy task to take on nor is it ever a guarantee that things will play out perfectly. But, when you cross paths with that person who seems to be worth changing things up a bit for…just do it. Put your trust not in the person… but, into the mere notion of things playing out as they are meant to be.

Past heartaches, pains and disappointments will hinder you from having something special with a great person if you allow for that hurt to have power over you. Start with taking back your control by stepping into that sacred space of forgiveness and love. When you’ve been hurt to your core, it will build up a wall inside of you made of bricks and stones.   There are times where you don’t even recognize that you’re living on the other side of that wall, until someone special comes along who cares enough to point that flaw out to you. To me, that’s a person who’s worth taking another chance at love for. Life experiences will trigger your decisions to steer from the mind versus the heart, when at times your heart is in fact what you should follow.  Intuition, Discernment, Wisdom, True Love and what is simply meant to be will never deter you from making the best decision for your life.

Always Trust Your Heart!

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