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February 1, 2018

Terry was annoyed as usual.  He had been waiting forty-five minutes, and he wished for the power to drive off, but he couldn’t.  He was mesmerized, hooked, and all the other things his buddies said he was.  He had never known a woman like Tara, and no one had ever affected him the way she did.

As he sat waiting for her to show up for their dinner date, as he always did, he recalled the days when he felt in control of his feelings.  Now, there were times when he felt his emotions tearing at him, while Tara sat cool and unruffled by his passion for her.  She gave him the impression that she didn’t care if he called or not, and that fact alone drove him crazy.

For him, the shoe was now on the other foot.  In the past, the various women in his life used to run him down begging for time and attention and now he was doing the same to Tara.  He also resented the fact that he was always agitated until he saw her.  Then his mood would brighten and his stomach would flutter with a light euphoric feeling that would keep him afloat…. until she was out of his sight again.

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