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From The Locker Room

Confessions Of Deception

  • “A few years ago I broke off my engagement with a woman with teenage children because I couldn’t stand the belligerent attitudes that greeted me every time I walked in her door.  I got tired of their disrespectful behavior toward me and her always giving excuses for it. In order to get out of the relationship, I ‘confessed’ to her that I was attracted to her girlfriend, which was a big lie, but it worked because she called the engagement off.”
  • “I had to stop visiting my girlfriend’s home because I was starting to admire her husband, and I was dreaming up schemes to seduce him.  Eventually, I began to avoid her altogether, because I felt so guilty. I explained my backing out of the relationship as a need for reflection in isolation.”
  • “My ex-husband was a successful doctor who was a private drunk who slapped me around and treated me like dirt.   I never told anyone.  When I finally divorced him, I told everyone I found out he was gay.  I was too ashamed to admit that I was a scared abused wife.”
  • “I was the real ‘other woman’ when I was pretending to be the best friend and the confidante.  When they divorced, I celebrated with the husband, and consoled the wife.”

  • “When I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, I paid a friend who had a towing service to tow his car across town to a vacant lot.  He thought it had been stolen.  It took the police two weeks to find the car.”

  • “After learning my husband, who is now my ex, was seeing a girlfriend of mine behind my back, I paid my teenage neighbor to put a garden snake in his car on the front seat.  I did this, because he had such a fear of snakes.  He almost had a heart attack when he saw the snake and ended up wrecking his car when he jumped out while it was moving.  I had my revenge and I was satisfied.”
  • “I was out to dinner on a blind date with a guy who was so repulsive that I couldn’t sit through the date.  He dug in his nose and his teeth like he was at home alone.  So, I made my cell phone ring by pushing the ringer discreetly and pretended that I had an emergency phone call from a family member and I had to leave. I blocked his number as soon as I got in my car.”

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