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 Sex And

The Single Life

June 10, 2018

C.L.  “A sexy body may entice me to come up, but it won’t necessarily make me come back.”

J.D.  “When my friend died four years ago from AIDS, I stopped having sex.  She was in what appeared to be a committed relationship, and she and her partner both contracted AIDS and died.  I’m abstaining because I don’t trust men anymore, and I don’t want to take the chance of sleeping with someone whom I really care about, and he’s sleeping somewhere else.  I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time.  I have what I call platonic dates, and I sleep well at night, alone.”

L.O.  “I used to believe that sex was a necessary part of the date routine.  Whether you wanted to or not, it was expected, and I was always crying over a guy when I was sexually active. Plus, during those times, I never felt true intimacy.  I’d lie there waiting to hear adoring words after sex, and the guy would be off to the next conquest mentally.  Now that AIDS is so prevalent, I’m through with sex until marriage.  From now on, sex for me, will be as God intended……inside the bond of marriage.”

J.W.  “I have been abstaining for five years, and I have never been happier.  I stopped because I was tired of being a slave to my hormones.  Because men and women view sex differently, it’s painful to be serious about sex, and your partner isn’t.  Having sex is more dangerous than ever before, and it’s not worth the emotional drama that accompanies it.  I learned that when most men are in bed, and not emotionally involved, when the sex is over, they’re gone, before they get up.  I am now holding out for a ring.”

S.P.  “I stopped having sex when I became a born again Christian, and it’s the best decision I ever made.  Only the real women hang around, and it’s mostly out of fascination!  I grew tired of hopping in and out of bed with every woman I thought I liked.  I finally decided that God’s way is the best way.

L.B.  “My sex life changed after a tragic incident with a woman whom I viewed as a sex partner only.  I knew she cared more than I, but the sex was good, so I pretended to feel what I didn’t.  When she pressed me for answers one night about my feelings for her, I double-talked and avoided the issue.  I gave her only enough to complete the seduction, as I did with most women.  Unfortunately, she committed suicide the next morning, and I have still not recovered from the guilt.  I made a vow that the next woman I sleep with will be my wife, and my intentions will be honorable.”

Y.R.  “I am currently HIV-Positive, and I know it’s because I never practiced safe sex, and I had multiple partners.  I have been urging everyone I know to go and get tested regardless of how you feel.  You could be sick and not know it.

M.K.  “Abstinence became a reality for me, when I contacted syphilis from my girlfriend, whom I was about to buy an engagement ring for.  I’m afraid to trust anymore, and you can’t tell who’s right and who’s not.  I find that a number of women are just as promiscuous as men.

H.T.  “I recently got tested for AIDS, because my boyfriend of two years, who claimed to be faithful, tested positive.  I’m just glad he told me.  A friend of mine wasn’t so lucky.  Her boyfriend was HIV-infected and didn’t tell her, and she died from AIDS.”

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