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  • “I’ve married the wrong man four times, and I believe I’ve finally learned my lesson.  The last guy moved his parents into my home without my permission, and I had to sell my home to get them out.”

“If a potential date sounds strange, weird or just not your type on the phone, it’s a sure sign that things won’t work out on a date.  My cousin once saw a picture of a friend who was absolutely gorgeous, and he insisted on meeting her.  I knew, he could never be interested in her because she was dull.  And just as I figured, after one phone conversation, he wasn’t and moved on.  He was candid and told her they didn’t sound suited for each other.  If someone sounds like undesirable company over the phone, don’t be afraid to express your non-interest in wasting each other’s time.  Few people on the dating scene have the guts to back out when their first mind tells them to.”

“Getting hugged and squeezed is one thing, but being able to embrace the same things is another.  If a woman has the drive in the relationship and the guy doesn’t, she’s asking for a giant sized burden.”

“A man who makes $80,000 a year is better suited for a woman who waits tables, then a woman in the same position.  Women can adapt easily to a better lifestyle when they’re pulled into it by their guy.  But men can’t hang when their woman makes more than they do, unless lack of ambition supersedes their ego.””


  • “I don’t care how a guy looks as long as he gives me all the attention I need.”
  • I’ve seen too many fine brothers with not so fine sisters to know that looks aren’t as important.”  I think both men and women are more into personality and who makes them feel good.”
  • “I used to view looks as an important factor in sizing up potential in a guy.  But after so many heartbreak encounters with “Mr. Good To Look At” I gave up.  Now, I look for kindness, cleanliness, intelligence, and an even temper, in that order.”
  • “For me, I can’t begin to get into a guy without his looks playing a major role.  He doesn’t have to be fine, but I have to find something on him that I can enjoy looking at.”
  • “I’ve learned that attraction might not happen at first, but being around someone and getting to know them can sometimes bring about an attraction later on.”
  • “When you’re involved with someone who is good-looking, their physical presence can often carry you through the days when everything else about them turns you off.”
  • “I like being with someone I can feel proud to be with.  I had an experience once where I took my girlfriend home to meet my family and their faces fell when they saw her.”

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