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Great Holiday Stories:

They Were Home Alone Until...

by M.K. Allison

No one wants to be alone during the Holiday season, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve are especially the hardest to bear alone for many singles.    During the holiday season, both men and women share the burden of loneliness, and statistics show that it is mostly women.  However, though it may be inconceivable, more than ever before there are large numbers of desirable, eligible men who are also home alone during the holidays. 

It is common for women to assume that handsome guys with charm have so many invitations for the holidays, that they wouldn’t dare embarrass themselves by extending one.  Little do they know that many of these guys are in front of the TV most of Christmas Day eating imported dishes from the family compound.

Tina lied to everyone in her office and to all of her girlfriends, when she told them that she was going away for the holidays to visit her boyfriend out of state.  The truth was that Tina’s boyfriend had sent her a “Dear Joan” letter two months ago, stating that he was re-marrying his ex-wife.  Before she received the letter, she planned to fly down to Phoenix, where he lived, to surprise him for the holidays. However, when things turned out the way they did, she was too embarrassed to tell anyone.  Therefore, she made plans to stay home alone, and cook her favorite meal and not answer her phone all day.   Therefore, when her doorbell rang around 2:00 p.m., she was surprised to see her mailman at the door with a package.  When she opened the door, she began to tease him about working on Christmas, and was surprised when he told her, he volunteered to work because his wife had died the year before, and he’d rather work than be home alone on Christmas.  He explained that she was his last stop and that he was going to a nearby restaurant for dinner.   Instinctively, she invited him to join her for dinner, and he accepted.  She had always thought he was attractive, but she thought he was married, because he was still wearing his wedding band.  They ended up having a wonderful evening, playing board games and roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.  They also ended up spending New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day together and by Valentine’s Day, they were a couple.

Janine – “On Thanksgiving Day, last year, my fiancé broke up with me two days before the wedding, because he said he felt like he was in a rut, and he wanted some time to think about us.  I was so heartbroken, I cried myself to sleep every night for two straight weeks.   On the morning of Christmas Eve, I was home alone watching television and feeling sorry for myself when the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door, there he stood with long-stemmed red roses.  Tears were running down his face as he asked me to get my coat, so we could go to City Hall to get married.”

Don – “Last year, my blues began on Christmas Eve, when I thought about the prospect of spending Christmas alone.  I was recently divorced, and I hadn’t met anyone special.  I was in the supermarket picking over vegetables, as I debated the idea of eating alone or going to my mother’s, when I accidentally bumped into a very attractive neighbor that I’d seen from time to time.  We exchanged holiday greetings and began chatting about the weather, when suddenly out of the blue, she invited me to dinner that night, which I gladly accepted.  It turned out that she couldn’t cook, but we had a ball.  We ended up spending Christmas and New Year’s together, and we’re still together.”

Marie – “The first Christmas after my divorce found me alone, depressed and considering suicide.  I stayed in bed all day and stared at the ceiling.  After watching “A Wonderful Life” for the second time in a row, I got up to go to the medicine cabinet to see what I could take an abundance of to end my misery when I heard a knock at the door.  When I opened it, there stood an old boyfriend with a bag of presents.  He pushed his way through the door like the fire department, as he explained that he had moved back to the city and was ready to take the town by storm.  He explained that he had tried to call me, but I had changed my number.   An hour later, as we sat eating dinner at a candlelit table, I realized that he had saved my life, and I thanked God for sending him over.  My hope was restored, and one year later after rekindling our relationship, we were married in The Bahamas on Christmas Day.”

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