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 14 Ways To Tell You’re

The Wrong Relationship…

 by Cheryl Lakes

Think about your current relationship.  Are you getting the payoffs you want?  Are you really happy?  Or, is it one-sided with him/her reaping all the benefits, while you float in and out of misery?  Check the following statements that apply to you and see if you’re where you ought to be!

  1. All affection comes from you and you thrive on affection.
  2. Contrary to what you want, the two of you seldom go out in public.  All social outings are initiated by you and at your insistence.  
  3. You do most of the calling.        
  4. He/she never volunteers to do anything special for you!  You are the most expressive.  You buy the cards, gifts, etc.
  5. You spend most of the money in the relationship.  
  6. You suspect that he/she is seeing someone else, but you can’t prove it.
  7. You always make time for him/her, no matter what you’re doing.  But, this action is not reciprocal.
  8. Most of your friends don’t like him/her? 
  9. You don’t feel cherished, appreciated, or valued in your relationship.        
  10. He/she shows little or no initiative in trying to do things to make you happy.
  11. Whatever he/she asks of you, you do.  But on the other hand, there is an unspoken limit as to what he/she will do for you, and you know it.
  12. You spend a lot of time rationalizing your partner’s behavior, because of inconsistency. 
  13. He/she is not meeting your needs and you know it, but you are meeting every mini-demand he/she has.    
  14. Most of the time, when you think about it, you are unhappy with the lifestyle the two of you share, while he/she meanwhile appears happy and content with things the way they are.

If you checked off 10 of these statements with the word true and did not blink an eye, you need to make a change today and stop cheating yourself.  You deserve better!  If you checked off five or fewer with true, then hang on to this quiz and…the man/woman in your life for now.  But don’t stop looking for a partner who will aid you in taking this same quiz again and having the word false checked off on every question!  Good Luck!

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