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Points Of View

“I Love You.”

Do Men And Women

View It Different?

by M.K. Allison

Studies show that some men have little or no understanding of the impact of the words used in romantic interludes with members of the opposite sex.  When a man says “I love you”…does it have the same meaning or connotation as when a woman says it?

According to popular opinion, No!  When men say it, it’s an expression many times of how he feels at the moment. When a woman says it, it’s a statement usually regarding her emotional status.  Because men and women seem to view this phrase differently, a lot of suffering takes place in the female population in high proportions.

Some men have very frank answers about this situation.

Tom – “Women as a rule take men too seriously.  They continue to associate sex with love, despite all the modern information to the contrary.  In an intimate moment, a man may say anything.”

Jim – “If I tell a woman I love her, that does not mean that I’m ready to spend every waking hour with her, nor am I ready to get married or necessarily make a commitment.”

Ron – “The word love oftentimes describes the intensity of my feelings for the time being, but it’s not a concrete commitment that says that I’ll always feel this way.  A woman should wait for a man’s actions to catch up with his words.’

Out of 100 women polled, 98 stated that they felt men should use the phrase “I love you” in romantic involvements, only when it has meaning.  “One woman said, “when a man tells a woman he loves her, unsolicited, and she’s crazy about him, it’s the greatest present he could ever come up with, but it’s deceptive and cruel when a man says it and refuses to accept the responsibility for how it’s perceived.”

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