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Love Lessons
Teaching Him
How To Treat You

by Coco Diong

May 14, 2019

It all begins with self-esteem.  You either have it or you don’t…and the more you have the better your relationships will be.  Whenever the phrase is used, “so and so is lucky in love,” it usually means that this person is viewed as someone who scores high on the relationship monitor.  He/she is known for having either one great relationship experience or many.  However, I personally believe that luck has nothing to do with love. I think it’s all about how committed a woman is to feel special in a relationship.  Here some good examples…

Barbara says, “A woman must never allow her fear of being without him to overrule her self-respect.  I learned the hard way that men are magnetized to women who will only accept the best from them.”

Mia – “If he stands me up, I never go out with him again.  I grew up watching my mother command respect and superior treatment from my father, and I won’t accept less.”

Sandy “If he disappoints me once, he’ll never get another chance, and I say that upfront, and I’ve never had a man who didn’t go all out to please me, because I set the tone in the beginning.  I also let him do the chasing and I refrain myself from being overly nice.  I have learned that men like a woman with a little edge to her.”

Donna – “When a gorgeous co-worker, who I’d been dying to have ask me out, finally did, I was terribly disappointed by the abrupt way he dropped me at home, after I refused to go home with him.  The next day, I sent him a note complimenting him on his “classy behavior, along with my business card, with my number scratched out.  At the bottom of the note, I suggested he duplicate the action in his phone book.  When he received the note, he called all day trying to reach me, and when he couldn’t, he sent me a dozen roses.  Though I never went out with him again (we later became good friends) I learned the importance of being intolerant of bad behavior, and the respect it garners you.”

Shelley – “Keep your gushy feelings to yourself until the wedding day.  I don’t care what he says.  mystique will captivate a guy’s attention for centuries.”

Kathy – “Mix a cool demeanor with a touch of sweetness and he’ll never leave your side.  Never let your need show.  It makes you easy to be taken for granted or be taken advantage of.”

Joan – “Always manage to fit him into a busy life.  Never let him see you sweat to be with him, and minimize your calling him activity.”

Stephanie – “If you want love, don’t settle for sex.”

Yvonne – “Speak your true mind and he’ll honor you for it.  Never pretend to accept what goes against your grain.  He’ll respect you for it.”

Marcie – “Don’t complain…ACT!  If he’s not all you need him to be.  Find the courage to go to another line and wait for what you want.”


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