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Single Sketches

“I Knew I Was

In Love When …

by Cheryl Lakes

Ladies, don’t give up on finding love!  Men are people too!  Despite the many challenges being met by single women out there looking for a love connection, there are guys whose hearts can be captured by the right woman.  I found 12 who were able to pinpoint when they knew they were in love.

Tom-33: “I was dating three women at the same time, and one night I was roller skating at the rink with my favorite of the three, when she suddenly lost her balance and fell.  When she fell, one of her earrings was squashed accidentally by a passing skater, and she let out a mock scream.  Judging from the one remaining in her ear, the earrings appeared to be very expensive.  But when the skater came and offered to pay for the replacement of the earring, she shrugged it off and said: “accidents happen, don’t worry about it.”

Sam-37:  “At my best friend’s bachelor party, I couldn’t concentrate or really get into the fun, because I kept thinking about her. We had been dating for two months.  When I got up to leave before the party was over, (I pretended to be ill) my friend Bob teased me and said, “Man, you must be in love.”  I felt embarrassed by his comment.  But when I got outside, I realized it was true.”

Jim-43:  “She had a very artful way of making me do whatever she wanted me to do regardless of how ridiculous it seemed to me.  When she convinced me to take my mother for an expensive helicopter ride on her birthday, I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

Hank-34:  “We were out having dinner one night, and a man at another table couldn’t eat for looking at her.  I became so jealous, I stopped eating.  It made me realize that I couldn’t stand the thought of her being with someone else.  After ducking and dodging the issue of marriage for two years, I spontaneously proposed that night, and I couldn’t be happier.”

John-35:  “I realized I could make her laugh even when she was angry with me. A great sense of humor in a relationship is more important than sex…well almost.   We had been dating for four weeks.”

Ben-28:  “My dad referred to us as a good-looking couple one day when we’re visiting my parents, and my stomach fluttered and jumped wildly. I confessed it to her two days later. We had been dating for six months and I proposed in the seventh month.”

Tony-36:  “I don’t care what was up with me.  If something didn’t go right or whatever, she could always make me forget my aggravation.  I lost a real tough case in court one day, and as I was leaving the building there she stood outside the court with a huge bunch of red heart balloons.”

Mark-39:  “We were sitting at the bar waiting to be seated in the restaurant when the bartender asked me, ‘what is your wife having’ and I liked the way it sounded. I proposed two days later.”

Jaden-30:  “I was dating several women at one time and was having a hard time trying to figure out which one I liked the most when one of my buddies made a teasing comment about how skinny her legs were, and I got angry.”

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