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Scared To

Travel Alone?

Don’t Be! 

Romance And Adventure

Could Await You

November 28, 2018

Suzanne, 27, Seattle, Washington. “I was bored out of my mind with dating men who turned out to be jerks and girlfriends who lacked the energy and money to travel. So, I decided to go away on my own to a place I had always wanted to go, and had never been.  New York City.  I booked a room at The Plaza, but after arriving there, and changing rooms a couple of times, (I didn’t like the decor), I decided to check in at the Waldorf. I wanted to stay at an upscale hotel because I felt the security would be better.

As I stood in line waiting to check in, I noticed a man in another line staring at me, and I blushed. He was very handsome and dressed distinctly in a white suit. I didn’t see him again until the next day, when I was walking across the lobby. He stepped in front of me and asked for directions to a nearby restaurant.  He explained he was from California and was also in New York for the first time on business.  WE got to talking, and he suggested we tour New York together and I accepted. At first, I was nervous about joining a stranger.  But then, I remembered that I had come in search of fun and adventure, and I decided to go for it. After all I knew how to take care of myself. We hit Broadway like two wide-eyed country bumpkins in a big city for the first time.  We had a ball. When we got back to the hotel that evening, we parted because he had a meeting with a client. Later that night, he called me to join him for cocktails in the lobby bar, and we sat in the hotel lobby talking after the bar closed until 4:00 a.m.

The next two days, we visited The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and The Empire State Building, while stopping to eat hot dogs on every corner.  On the day I left, he took me to the airport and presented me with a silver bracelet from Tiffany’s that he had engraved June, 2017.. He said he never wanted me to forget what we shared that summer. But, I never heard from him again. (I wrote, but he never answered.) However, I’ll always treasure the experience of what we shared and my decision to travel alone.

Joanie, 32, Atlanta, Georgia – “I wanted to go to Spain and cross the Gibraltar over to Tangiers, which is in North Africa.  I had read a lot about it and I was anxious to go. For three years straight, I tried, but could find no one to go with me. The fourth year, one of my friends finally saved up enough money to buy a ticket and caught the flu two days before we were to leave. Reluctantly, and scared out of my wits, I boarded a plan to Costa Del Sol, Spain.

My adventure began on the plane. I sat next to a guy who turned out to be wealthy, Italian businessman from Rome, who was on his way to Madrid on business. Since the flight was eight hours long, we got to laughing and talking, and I ended up teaching him how to play two hand bid whist.  He fell in love with the game, and became extremely delighted every time he won a hand. After I beat him a couple of times in a row, on a whim, he decided to give me a week long stay at the fanciest hotel in Malaga if I won again. For him, that added even more challenge to the game, as he tried his best to win.  But in the end I won. And when we arrived in Spain, I was put up in a magnificent suite in a hotel that sat quietly and elegantly on the edge of the sea. I was given a private car ( a Mercedes Benz with a English Chauffeur) who waited daily for instructions on where I wanted to go. I also had maid service.  It was the most incredible time of my life, and it ended with my taking a ride across the strait of Gibraltar in a Hydrofoil boat that flew across the water like an airplane with no wings. When I stepped foot on the soil of my forefathers, I experienced a spiritual connection with the land. I met a handsome soldier from Egypt, who I’ve been corresponding with ever since.”

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