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Single Scenarios

Observations & Opinions…

  • Kay:  “I used to I feel anger and bitterness at men in general.  I was convinced that most men were self-centered, cold and uncaring creatures.  I had experienced the confusion and callousness of two men who spurned my love and devotion for the flailing arms of other women.  It took a long time to figure out that though men can be complex and fickle, they still want and desire love just like women do.  They just prefer it with a woman who is a superb actress, and one who has learned the art of using her imagination to keep a man’s psyche off balance.”
  • JJ:  “I just recently stopped seeing a married man, and my self-esteem has received a major boost.  I understand now that I and women like me, who knowingly share men with other women, have low self-esteem and often feel like we can’t do better. For too long, I accepted the position of second banana, because my need for affection overcame my good sense.  My heart has been broken often with my assistance due to my dire need for male attention that would validate me as a woman.  However, I now know that it’s far better to sit home alone with a good movie and popcorn than accept the crumbs from someone else’s table.”
  • Kamille:  “I often wonder why people hang on in the relationship when they know without a doubt that their partner no longer cares and has ceased to show respect.  I have two friends whose boyfriends treat them rudely and disrespectfully in public with other women and both claim that if loving them is wrong…they don’t want to be right.  So they’ll accept ill-treatment and little or no affection to occasionally feel enhanced in a pair of masculine arms.  There are a lot of starved souls out there searching for that elusive hint of affection, who are willing to compromise their dignity and self-esteem for a fleeting sense of belonging to someone…if but for a minute.”
  • Candy: “Never confess.  If you haven’t told it.  Don’t tell it.  Confession is not good for the soul.  If you’ve kept it this long…Keep it.  Despite popular opinion, it will not make you feel better and clear the air.  Let assumptions lie.  The less the others know about you, the less you’ll have on your record.”
  • Carl: “In a relationship, if I used to call all the time and I stop, it simply means that I don’t feel the same way anymore I just wish people could read the signs and use some pride and move on quietly without having to receive a legal notification that it’s no longer working.  It is draining and taxing on the person who has changed his/her mind to try to answer why.  Sometimes it’s just can be expressed in words.”
  • Landon: “As a decent guy, I should not have to pay for the sins of the brother before me.   Therefore, I don’t wish to date a woman who wears her distrust of men, due to her bumps and bruises, on her sleeve.”

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