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Single Sketches

Closet Confessions III

Jamie– “When my girlfriend bluntly dumped me for a fellow co-worker, I called the light company pretending to be her brother, told them she was moving out of state, and had her service disconnected. I also had her mail-re-routed to an abandoned house.  I felt totally avenged when I heard, through some snafu, she had to sit in the dark for three days before her lights got turned back on.”

Sandy – “When a real handsome brother invited me out to dinner, I didn’t have anything to wear, so I went out and bought a very expensive dress with shoes to match.  I spent money I didn’t have because I was excited about the possibility of a new relationship.  Unfortunately, the guy never showed up after I’d gone to all that trouble.  When I ran into him again at a party several months later, he gave the excuse that something had come up, and he’d lost my number.  He walked away without saying another word.  I was so angry that when I left the party, I looked for his car, keyed it on both sides and flattened all his tires.”

Tanya – “I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend while she was in the hospital having his baby.  I had always been curious about him, and since my car out for repair, I asked for a lift home and ended up seducing him on the way.  However, the guilt was too great.  I ghosted my friend and to this day, she doesn’t know why.”

Carol – “My former boss had a wife and a mistress, and the wife was very mean.  She would come into the office and treat me like a peasant.  When she made her husband fire me because she claimed I wore my skirts too short, I decided to get even.  While cleaning out my office on my last day, I found some very indiscreet photos of him and his mistress and mailed them anonymously to his wife.  She ended up moving out and a year later, he married the mistress.”

Karen – “Some years ago, I went out on a date with a guy, and after dinner, he took me to a party that turned out to be an orgy.  I got drunk and ended up sleeping with five guys in one night.  I felt so dirty afterward.  I took four showers the next day.  A year or two after the incident, I ran into one of the guys at a party who recognized me, and I pretended to be a twin.”

Linda – “Some years ago my best friend’s boyfriend raped me at knifepoint after giving me a lift home one night from a party and threatened to kill me if I told anyone.  I got revenge by having him beaten and robbed by some “thugs” from the neighborhood, on a day when I knew he would be carrying a large sum of money.”

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