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Single Scenarios

Voices At Large..

Never Too Late To Get Married

Anna – “I say never give up!  I was 61 the first time I married and I met him when I went to court on a traffic ticket.  I lost and he offered to pay my fine.”

Pamela – “I’m 42 and I’ve often felt discouraged because I’ve never married, and none of my sisters have ever married.  But after my cousin got married at 50 for the first time after meeting a great guy at the supermarket, I’ve been dressing up when I go out alone like I’m going on a date.”

Shar – “I’m 38 years old, and it seems I always get in a panic about finding a husband after I attend someone’s wedding.”

Connie – “My mother married for the first time at 55. She married a 40 year-old co-worker and has never been happier!”

When The Feelings Aren’t Mutual…

Marla – “I get a lot of attention from men, and too many of them become hostile when I’m not interested.  But the worst experience I ever had was when I went on a date with a guy whose manners were terrible.  When he asked me out again and I declined, he flattened all my tires and sent me a nasty note.  Guys like him, make you lie and dodge because they can’t take rejection.”

Carl – “There seems to be a worldwide opinion that men are worse at taking rejection than women, but I find that women behave far worse, when rejected.  I’ve never met one who didn’t think that sex meant more than it did, though nothing was ever stated.  I had a woman stalk me after I explained to her that we could only be friends.  She said sex for her meant commitment, and she accused me of playing with her feelings.  The last time I told a woman that I didn’t feel the same way, she shot out the tires on my truck.”

Are You Sure You’re In A Relationship?

Tamara – “When my sister asked me this question, it made me really think about my relationship and I suddenly became curious about how my boyfriend of two years viewed what we had.  When I posed the question, he informed me that what we had was a “deep friendship.”  Prior to that day, he had never said he loved me, and I had never asked.  On this day, when I asked, he informed me that he was not in love with me.  Needless to say, I’m no longer in that relationship.”

Typical Of Today’s Dating Scene?

Sharlynn – “The last date I had was six years ago with a blind date, who picked me up for “dinner” and took me to a fast food restaurant on the way to the theater.  He didn’t say ten words to me all evening, and I was back home 2 ½ hours after I left.  (He claimed he felt suddenly sick and we had to leave).  Of course, I never heard from him again, but I thought his behavior was rude and typical of today’s dating scene.  It seems polite behavior is dead.” 

On The Subject Of Loneliness…

Lorna – “There are many singles who feel lonely if they happen to be without a mate…and I was one of them.  However, I learned a real lesson when I married four years ago and became acutely aware after several months that marriage does not guarantee that you won’t be lonely anymore.  Loneliness in a marriage is far less bearable than when one is already alone with no expectations.  Marriage is by no means a state that will automatically take away the blues and ensure happiness.  I know now that you must go into marriage with your own since of joy, that is not dependent on another person.”

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