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I slept with my best friend’s husband and now I have a need to confess to her.

by Sarah Smart

October 22, 2018

Q.  I’ve got a horrible secret that I can’t keep any longer.  I got drunk and slept with my best friend’s husband while she was out of town. However, I felt real guilty about it and needed to confess it to somebody.  I called a friend, who I figured could keep my secret.  However, before I could make my confession, she broke down and confessed that she had slept with the same guy.  I was shocked and ended up not saying anything.  Now, I want to tell my best friend about her no-good cheating husband and end the friendship because I can no longer look at her in good conscience.  However, I’m torn between clearing my conscience and hurting her.  Any suggestions?

A.  I think this is one secret that is best not told.  You should just vacate the relationship with an excuse about some mysterious personal issues that you can’t talk about and ride off into the sunset.

Q.  I met the “perfect guy” when I took a Caribbean cruise alone this summer. He was also alone and claimed to be sailing to overcome some unspoken tragedy in his life.  I had just experienced a rough ending to a long-term relationship, and I needed to heal on the deck of a ship.  He was single, charming, handsome, and easy to be with.  We had a glorious week together, and I felt like Fate was giving me a second chance at a real romance.  We spoke of love and sealed it with sex.  However, just before we docked in Miami, he suddenly disappeared on the ship.  I couldn’t find him anywhere, until I saw him leaving the ship ahead of me in formation, and being hugged by a woman ashore.  Later, I discovered she was his wife.  I wish to contact the wife and let her know of his deceit.  My friends say no…to just forget it happened.  What do you say?

A. I agree with your friends. What’s the point?  It would be your word against his.  I say, chalk it up to a bad experience and move on.

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