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I’m too embarrassed to return to work after a co-worker told my married boss I had a secret crush on him.

by Sarah Smart

October 4, 2018

Q.  I have a crush on my married boss and I’ve had it for awhile. Recently, at an office party, I confided in a co-worker, and later learned that after having too much to drink, she told him.  I have been so embarrassed that I haven’t been able to go back to work.  What would you do?

A.  I would go back to work and act as if nothing happened and that I knew nothing.  I would also make sure that any signs of my having a crush on him would disappear from that day forth.

Q.  I accidentally saw a photo of my boyfriend embracing an ex-girlfriend at a friend’s birthday party that I wasn’t invited to, and when I asked him about it, he responded very angrily and called me a jealous b***h.   I broke up with him on the spot, and now I’m regretting my decision. Do you think I over-reacted?  All my friends think I did.

A.  Absolutely NOT!  No woman should continue in a relationship ever, where a man refers to her as a b***h.  Once you accept that kind of disrespect…there will be more to come.

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