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I’ve been having one night stands for a year with a guy and we’ve never been on a date.

by Sarah Smart

November 4, 2018

Q.  I’m in a relationship with a guy I’m addicted to. We met one year ago, and I found him so irresistible that I had a one night stand with him.  Unfortunately, we’ve have been having one night stands ever since.  We only see each other every three weeks, and when we do get together it is usually to have sex. We have never gone on a date and I feel stupid.  At first, I felt I could handle our encounters emotionally, but I can’t because I’ve fallen in love.  I want this guy to know that in spite of our first meeting, I am an intelligent woman full of love and caring, but I’m afraid if I tell him,I’ll lose what we have.

A.  Apparently, a sexual rendezvous was never what you wanted, and you seem caught up in, “anytime with him is better than no time with him.” What you can do, is gather up your self-respect and respond intelligently to your need to be held and treasured. Perhaps, you’ll change the mode by pulling out and telling him the truth.

Q. If your best friend is flattered by the flirtatious remarks of your boyfriend to the point of returning the flirtation, what would you do? Would you check the woman or the man or both?

A.  There are usually two types of women who respond favorably to the flirtation of a “taken” man in the presence of his girlfriend. One who seldom gets attention and one who never gets enough.  But the guy who would flirt openly with another woman is not worth the time it would take to make note of his indiscretion. I would leave them to enjoy each other.  If you’re still with him, you should be checked.

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